108. [Coaching Session] Seeking joy in motherhood

This is the final part of the coaching session with Laura, the mom of a 4-year-old and 1.5 year old .

In this part of the coaching call, we wrap up with how to take ACTION that moves her in the direction she wants to go as a mom. She is getting anchored in what she wants out of motherhood (joy), and making a plan on how she wants to get it. 



If you haven’t yet, make sure you listen to part 1 here, and part 2 here 


Enjoying the early days of motherhood

When you are at home with small kids it can feel monotonous and boring.

There is a lot of pressure to ‘enjoy these days’. 

A crucial part here is not aiming for 100% enjoyment – but rather allowing for the full range of experience that comes with motherhood. 


Loneliness in motherhood

When we start to think about how lonely we are, we can snowball into all the ways we feel it and keep our mind spinning about how it might always be this way and wonder what is wrong with our friendships, etc. 

Part of stopping this cycle is to take an ACTION that pulls us out of it. 


Gratitude practice

Laura mentioned that gratitude is something that naturally leads to joy for her. She wants SEEK JOY in motherhood and will use a gratitude practice as an intentional way of doing this. 


You will find what you are looking for

Our brain has a confirmation bias to prove what it believes is true. It is constantly seeking evidence to line up with what we are believing. This is important to pay attention to the narrative we are spinning in (this is hard, I’m rejected, I am lonely, whatever it may be) because our brain will make it ITS JOB to find evidence.

Often we are in a narrative that was set on auto-pilot – so if we want to be intentional about showing up from a new narrative, then we need to also tell our brain something NEW and HELPFUL to be searching for. 


Thank you so much to LAURA for volunteering and being vulnerable!  This is the real honest truth of motherhood – sometimes it is messy and hard and lonely and the best thing we can do is share that with other moms. So we can live in a culture of motherhood that is supportive, truthful and encouraging. 


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