I Got Dressed All Month {#moms30for30 RECAP}

I got dressed for 30 days in a row! Yes, I’ll accept my award now and display it next to my trophy for Canada’s Okayest Stay at Home Mom, 2012!

I am always revved up to start the #moms30for30 challenge, and by day 21 I’m powering down. Though I suspect that getting dressed into real clothes every single day isn’t in my normal operating procedures it’s one of the best reasons to do this challenge.

I really believe that if we practice something, anything, it can become a habit. And I’m all for ‘getting dressed into not-sweats’ a habit.project333, capsule wardrobe, mom style, mom fashion

The other huge benefit of this challenge is that it is an interview with your clothes. I usually take the time to put outfits together for special events, but on the daily I’m just winging it. The formula often goes me + not much time + what I wear most often. Spending the extra time to  put outfits together helped me to weed out which items don’t actually belong in my closet. Like the navy skirt I’ve had for years but never wear. I added it to my picks this month but still couldn’t make it work into an outfit without looking like a 14 year old waitress.

Since working towards a capsule wardrobe I wasn’t too worried about wearing only 30 items. I actually only wore 25 items of clothing and pretty well the same pair of sandals all month. I thought I would save myself some wiggle room to add the extra five items in through the month, but there were even items I wore just once in the challenge. I would consider these contenders for purging down the road. 

I would like to spend most of my lazy summer days in exercise shorts and a t-shirt, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with chilling at home in comfort. Soon preschool mornings will be upon me and I’d like to focus on eating waffles and making it there on time – not about getting dressed in the morning. Doing the 30for30 means I have almost 30 outfits I can come back to and just throw on because I liked them and felt comfortable in them.

I initially had two dresses in my 30for30 items, but I wore one dress, once. I had been holding on to lots of my dresses and resenting them for not being ‘wearable’, but this just isn’t the season of life I can be rocking that hemline. Unless you know of a dress-skort, send that genius fashion contraption my way!! I will buy em up!!

This is the third 30for30 I’ve done and I always learn something new from it (here is Feb, here is Nov).

I encourage you to do a 30for30 yourself. Or a 10for10! Wear 10 items for 10 days. This will force you to pay attention to working with just these ten items and hopefully help you work towards a closet full of versatile clothes that you love!

I was doing this challenge alongside these four fab ladies….
#MOMS30FOR30 (2)

Raj from Pink Chai Living
Sarah from Sarah on Purpose

Jenny from Ruminating Mommy
Jamie from Styling the Inside

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