Mom of two toddlers and a baby gets dressed, every morning!

It’s been three weeks of getting dressed every morning for the #moms30for30. That’s right, I spend my precious mornings tracing in eyeliner and trying on outfits in front of my fingerprint-smudged mirror.

This is kinda a BFD because, usually, when Dawson goes down for his morning nap I get a bit of leisure time. Fine,  I’m in PJs, drinking the rest of my coffee while it’s warm-esque, creeping social media with Lenayah is curled in my lap, and Levi is making fart noises and watching Netflix.

This month it’s been different.

After breakfast and clean up I put some kid’s Netflix on (with closed captioning, obviously, because I’m a firm believer in educational tv). I get Dawson down for his morning nap and head right to my room.

Meanwhile, you all are on Instagram like, ‘Girlfriend hasn’t posted a pic of her waffles this morning! (big eyed emoji!)#whatsup’

Sorry instafriends,I’m a mom on a mission! Glorifying breakfast foods will have to wait for my pending awkward selfies!

Then, alone in my room, I look at the weather network to see what kind of day it will be. I look at my ’30’ items of clothes I get to chose from (and I say ’30’ because there always seems to be a third waiting to be washed and I think I only picked about 25). I run through a couple options, take a few groggy outfit selfies to see how things look and settle on what I will wear today.

Oh, then I remember I didn’t really read the weather app, and look at it again.

This is about when Lenayah realizes I’m probably in the vicinity of makeup without her and she comes racing down the hall. So ‘we’ put on make up. Code for, I put on makeup while passing her anything that won’t stain her face and answering her oddly high-level cosmetic interrogations.

Then Levi comes in, because there is a chance we could be doing super-cool-fun stuff without him. He runs away with my eyelash curler pretending its a gun, tries to use my bras as slingshots, then pulls all the sheets off my bed and walks around scaring his sister as a blanket-clad ghost. This always ends in tears.

So I have to spend time refereeing instead of slowly curling and spritzing my mom bob.(This is why I do my hair once every three days.)

Then we all go to the living room and I take a bunch of selfies. Which, by the end aren’t even of me because the kids just statue right.in.front. of the phone. It’s just half a dozen shots of toddler foreheads.

So I go outside and take more because I needed pictures of me and not my kid’s bad DIY hair trims. Plus my neighbours love to see me pose and smile at a small spot on my patio ledge. It’s endearing and not weird at all.

Then I sit and finish my totally cold coffee while checking the weather, for realz this time! So we can decide what to do when Dawson wakes up. The kids pile on top of me, get into some random spat that results in me exiling them to the couch to work it out. And we all go get Dawson out of the crib and eat snacks.


So that is the suspenseful play by play of how my mornings have been going this month. It’s okay to wish I would just Instagram my waffles instead, but this challenge always teaches me so much more than just ‘putting outfits together’.

The process, even if it’s messy, not-ideal and takes a little more time, is an important learning exercise in things that are going on for me, beneath the surface task of ‘getting dressed’.

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mom of toddlers and baby gets dressed every day

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