128. Getting dressed every day, with less guilt & more confidence (with Jaime McLaughlin)

Do you struggle in your relationship to getting dressed each day? Do you feel guilty for it, or lack confidence in it? 

Jaime McLaughlin is a hair and make-up artist who is helping moms take care of themselves without the mom guilt. 

In this episode we talk about the internal shifts we can make, the judgments we might have of ourselves and other moms based on what they wear, busting myths around how much money and time it takes to get ready each day, and tips to build a capsule wardrobe


Using the ‘tool’ of getting dressed every day

Contesting the views that this is vanity vs a tool to help our personal motivation in our day

Considering the areas of our life that we try to sacrifice on the altar of motherhood


Challenging our self-perception and the ‘rules’ we give ourselves on what we wear or don’t wear

Making your outcome whatever you want it to be and working backward

Aligning with your personal values as you work on getting ready each day


Reasons many stay at home moms have that we don’t get ready each day

I don’t have the time

I never leave the house

I just don’t do it, I don’t get ready


Finding our value and worth as a stay at home mom

Making a mental shift before we try to make an outward shift

We don’t just want to get dressed to ‘look good’ but we want to FEEL good


Empowering one another to NOT use how we dress as a reason to judge ourselves and other moms

There can be separations and assumptions we make on how moms dress, and we can categorize moms based on what they wear vs what we wear. 

Considering the image we want to present to the world with what we wear

Moving from judgment into curiosity about what other moms could be going through

Watching where you might be judging moms who are a hot mess vs judging moms who are NOT a hot mess


Society tells us what a mom ‘should’ look like

Mom does not have to equal hot mess, crappy clothes, etc. We get to decide what it looks like to be ‘a mom’

We don’t need to be a victim to our days and motherhood

Taking ownership of wearing what we WANT to wear and letting go of the myth that we are ‘too much’


Letting go of the myth that in order to look good we need to spend a lot of money

Fast fashion tells us that we need to spend all the money, every season, to have the trendy clothes of the season. Consider if fashion is something you value and want to spend money on and then making that happen

It is important to have the perspective that the online influencers sharing ‘style’ we follow are not buying their own clothes but are given them by stores


Building a capsule wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is a great way to be mindful of the money we spend on clothes and ‘how much’ we need to have in our closet

Starting with core pieces, knowing your colours, and building a wardrobe you can mix and match and put outfits together


Key points on being a mom who gets dressed every day

When you wear what makes you feel good this shifts your mental state and motivation

Getting dressed doesn’t have to take long, or be expensive

Learn the techniques to dress and don’t worry so much about the trends

There is NOTHING WRONG with saying ‘I want to look good’

When we spend the time and energy on ourselves we actually think about ourselves a lot less during the day


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