68. Mindful eating for moms (Interview with Jessica Penner)

We all have a relationship with food. 

It can go from one extreme of food is simply fuel we need to survive, all the way to food is a constant way to experience a pleasure. 

In my life, I think I have swung to both sides of this spectrum.

I have been paying attention to my relationship with food. What I eat, why I eat, how I feel when I eat and how I feel after. I am learning a lot, and I know I have more to learn. 

Paying attention leads us to the subject of MINDFUL EATING. This is something I’ve been interested in because I don’t think it came naturally to me. It is also something I’ve been wanting to teach my kids more about. 

I asked Jessica Penner to come and teach us more about this topic.  Jessica is a Registered Dietitian from Smart Nutrition and the creator of the I Quit Overeating program.

We covered so many great issues on mindful eating that mamas can relate to:

  • Regaining control and being confident in what we are eating
  • Food freedom in making choices around food. Let me say it again: FOOD FREEDOM!
  • Overeating – restrictions vs permission
  • Evening eating (anyone else going for those bedtime snacks?)
  • Emotional eating 
  • Comfort eating, is it always bad?
  • Food as coping with hard days/emotions
  • The diet mentality, food management for weight loss
  • Being mindful 
    • listening to your eating instincts
    • enjoying food
    • ‘clearing your plate’
    • the grace we need to listen to ourselves
    • removing food restrictions
  • Being scared to be hungry
  • Food chatter in the brain

Get started with Smart Nutrition: THE HEALTHY EATING PUZZLE QUIZ


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mindful eating interview with Jessica Penner of Smart Nutrition

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