122. What your mom never taught you about hormone health (with Dana Irvine)

Health class may of taught us about anatomy, maybe our moms taught us about how to manage a period (but if you are like me, you just figured it out on your own reading the pamphlets in confusion and piecing together crumbs from Seventeen magazine).

And then we start going through life, having babies, experiencing postpartum, living momlife and we realize that this whole ‘WOMAN’ thing is more than just knowing what products to use and how to use them. We learn that there is a whole-body wisdom that we need to develop around what our bodies are going through and how to support our bodies. 


This is episode is for the woman who is wondering what more she can do to support her whole body with hormone health.  

Today I am talking with Dana Irvine from Wise Divine Women

  • Dana is a Canadian teacher, Clinical Thermographer, and podcaster – supporting women with hormone health and wellness.  Looking at life four-fold: mindy, body, soul, nutrition
  • Thermography is an infrared study of the body looking at the heat patterns in the body, to spot inflammation and congestion. 
  • Find Dana on Instagram, on her Podcast and on her website


Some basics of hormone health for women

  • The 101 on hormone health – what are they and how do they impact our health. The main ones are estrogen, progesterone, cortisol, serotonin, melatonin
  • How your digestion is related to your mental health


Paying attention to our cycles and supporting our hormones

  • How our cycle affects our mood and energy through the month. Eating to support your hormones throughout your cycle (seed cycling)
  • The myths we believe that periods should be hard and suck and paying attention to our periods and addressing issues earlier in life
  • Paying attention to your bowels and getting enough fibre in your diet can help with hormone health
  • How food sensitivities can impact your body inflammation and your hormone health


Self-care and detoxing to support hormone health

  • Dana’s course Touch Your Tatas, teaches lymphatic drainage
  • Being comfortable with our femininity, embracing your cycle and your body
  • Some ways to practice self-care (dry brushing)
  • Setting up reminders in your calendar to do regular breast exams, and lymphatic drainage for breast health


Being out of tune with our bodies

  • Challenging our view on taking care of our personal health
  • Taking care of our bodies and mental health now to set us up for health in our older years
  • Advice from the other side of motherhood that the time is NOW to take care of our health and self-care


Recapping the main points of detox

  • It isn’t just about drinking weird tea, it is also physical and nutritional. Also paying attention to your mind (stinking thinking), energy, boundaries, foods, emotional health, emotional stress in the body


Being in stress mode

  • How we digest food when we are in stress mode (more info on this in episode 113 on stress and thriving)
  • If you are doing all the ‘right things’ and eat great foods, exercise, maintain your home but you are stressed then these things are not as effective


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The Red Tent


This is a book that really opened up my eyes to the value of female mentorship and sisterhood. It has prompted me to start approaching and building into relationships that bring elements of sisterhood into my life. 



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