Mama’s Style Short Cuts {Getting Ready for the Day}

Nine months into becoming a Mom I look down and I see slippers, yoga pants, a stained shirt, hair in a half pony and a splash of make up on.  Now, I know I don’t want to be one of those women who end up on a talk show for a surprise makeover, so I will put in some effort during a nap time getting dressed and so on.


 Now, I wouldn’t by any means say I look ‘put together’ at this point – I’m settling for dressed in clean clothes and hair is brushed. However, I do think us Moms forget to put the oomph back into it – and not ‘dressing up for your husband’ (though mine always notices and compliments:)), not ‘wearing the latest trend’ but just getting ourselves to that place where we feel comfortable and positive.  I think there is a fine line between vain/shallow and taking pride in our appearance. I also believe that when you LOOK GOOD, YOU FEEL GOOD, YOU ARE HAPPY, YOU ARE YOU! 

So, here are some MAMA SHORT CUTS  that make me feel good:

A GREAT SHAMPOO! One that doesn’t strip the moisture but keeps the hair clean between prolonged washings.  I LOVE LOVE the Sense line – I can now get two to three days between shampooing and with once in a while throw in some DRY SHAMPOO  – my hair looks and feels clean and fresh! I just tried the new Dove dry shampoo and liked it (it also smells better than Batiste which is my go-to)


Yes we should all own a great pair of dark jeans, but is it just me or are jeans not ‘comfortable’? Now they have to be low-rise, fitted and they just seems to aggravate me after an entire day in them  So around the house, I think YOGA PANTS are the way to go. I mean they look better than PJs after all! I know many moms love their lulu lemon – there is no store near me so to the mail order I go! I have these ones by jockey and I love how they keep their colour, don’t wrinkle and pill.  (One day I will own something lulu lemon!).

Moms are usually running around the house in a stained shirts, changing them here and there – but then knock, knock – some is it at the door! When my son was a newborn he was a puker so I grew accustomed to keeping a cardi or hoodie at the door. I’ve got some go to CASUAL CARDIGANS I could never part with and I also like to opt for a great ZIP UP HOODIE that is dark and fitted. Then you can throw it on and VOILA! Sticky finger stains and spit up is hidden.  You also look a bit more ‘put together’

A great SKINCARE LINE should be one that cleans, moisturizes and tones well. A great skincare line is important to use every day and night to keep your skin glowing, moisturized and toned. The lack of sleep and spotty eating can age us – but if we maintain our skin we will look better and (hopefully) need less make up then! I’ve never had any brand loyalty and bought what was cheap but once my friend gave me a sample of the Sense line, I was hooked (as are my friends who have tried it too).  It contains no preservatives, cleans without stripping moisture and the toner is ahhhmazing.

Here is a great post on on-the-go makeup

A simple MAKE UP ROUTINE. One that makes you feel good without a lot of work. My bare minimum for the day is mascara, blush, brow liner and foundation. One, keep those brows tamed and filled in evenly with liner, you look younger and fresher instantly. Two, Look for products that are quick and easy to apply (stick blush, self-sharpening eyeliner, eyeshadow pens, concealer/foundation combo). JOE FRESH has a very affordable line with lots of great, easy to apply products.

I WISH I had hair I could just leave wet and it would dry and look like a Disney Princess (yes I have some friends who DO, you know who you are! Sophie! Marjorie! Rachel!). However, if I leave my hair I look like a blonder carrot top (before his face lift). So – I love me some BOBBY PINS! Since my hair is shorter I can just wrap it an pin it up and call it the ‘BOHO-NONO’ look. I also think a safe GO-TO STYLE to is a side pony or french braid, just don’t wear it everyday, it’s bad for your hair.  Here are some tutorials on quick, easy and different hair styles

MOM HAIR, just as bad as MOM JEANS

If you are kinda pale and pasty like me, a little colour on the face goes miles.  This is especially true for lipstick.  I usually hate wearing it cause I don’t want people to notice and make comments, but I found a great colour that is subtle but adds some pop. I love using the joe fresh brand and the Covergirl Outlast. 

And last on my list, is RED TOE NAIL POLISH. Yes I’m in desperate need of a pedicure, but damn do I feel glamorous with red toe nails!

All this is easy enough to do during nap time (even I’ve spent the morning in my PJs and get to it during the afternoon nap). However, there are days when you have to get ready ASAP and with a baby running around – I will try and plan to shower and dry my hair the night before and still have a super quick shower in the morning (with the curtain open and my son plays in the bathroom). Then he tears apart every single drawer in my bedroom and bathroom while getting ready – I just try to fill drawers with things that are safe for him and I let him go at it.

Now over to you, I would love to hear those tips, routines, products and short cuts that help you get ready and make you feel good!

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