46. Listening to your life (part 3 of SHOW UP FOR YOUR LIFE)

Do you long to be more present, more mindful, more intentional in your life? A major step in this is listening to your life, to your heart and to others in your life.

This is the third part of the SHOW UP FOR YOUR LIFE SERIES

Step one: Pay attention

Step two: Listen closer

Step three: Be brave

Today we are talking about:

  • what it means to LISTEN to your life, to those around you, to your heart
  • how to assess the listening landscape of your home and family
  • seek first to understand, then to understand
  • when you feel like nobody listens to you
  • things that keep us from listening well

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The Untethered Soul

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John Gottman’s ‘bids for connection’

Enneagram 101

The Life on Purpose workbook

The Life Evaluation 


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