116. Survey Says (what you had to say about Simple on Purpose)

This is a bit different of an episode – it is a FUN episode!

It is OUR episode – the one where I tell you what is happening behind the scenes and tell you what the reader/listener feedback survey revealed.

What I heard from you:


Why you are here hanging out with me, the podcast, the Facebook Group, and the Simple Saturdays:

  • To remember to slow down
  • To remember it doesn’t have to be perfect
  • To remember that small things matter
  • To remember to be purposeful


What you didn’t know about Simple on Purpose:


Answering some of your questions:

  1. How to get work down and run a business?
  2. Having a hard time completing the Life on Purpose Workbook
  3.  Sharing thoughts on a great comment about letting go of some of your expectations built up around minimalism. 


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Is this simple Shampoo Brush

And here is the lovely Cara Brook I mentioned (well, I called her Cara Brooks, got the last name incorrect). I couldn’t find her old makeup tutorials that taught me how to put on makeup – but I will share my Pinterest board with some of the tips and ideas I have liked for hair and makeup


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