Life Evaluation

You are here because you have done the life evaluation and learned about the areas of your life that can use your attention. 

I’m proud of you for clicking on further growth because it means you are someone who is READY and WILLING to start showing up for YOUR LIFE. And I am happy to help you find ways to also feel ABLE in this journey – because it is totally doable. 

You can have

✅ a home you love,

✅ relationships that are positive and empowering,

✅ a job that brings out the best in you,

✅ finances that support the life you want,

✅ energy and health in your body, 

✅ ways you are growing and expressing your true self, 

✅ time to do the things you enjoy and love!


So if you have tried to make changes and gotten stuck, or you really can’t even see where to start then you are in the right place. 

Because MAKING CHANGE isn’t about just changing your actions! Why? Because our actions are dependant on how we feel. And our feelings are dependant on what we think. 

Making change requires that we peel back some layers and look at the THOUGHTS we are thinking, the STORIES we are telling ourselves. They are the foundation of change!

But they can be hard to pay attention to because we don’t always see how they hold us back, or we don’t even realize what we are truly thinking underneath all the autopilot living. 

I have made changes to all these areas of my life and have coached women on each of these issues as well. [READ ABOUT THEIR SUCCESSES HERE]


There are two ways I offer to help you grow further in this: 

If you have ever thought about life coaching, then it is time to go for it. Life coaching offers you formal support in getting clarity and taking effective action to move your life in the direction you want to go. Read all about life coaching here. 


The Life on Purpose workbook takes you through an assessment of all the nine areas of your life. It guides you in setting out your personal values (the things that light you up inside), setting goals and habits, and how to put it all together in a plan that works with your life. Read more about the workbook here. 


The Enneagram is a valuable tool in self-discovery. It is a tool I use in my own life and in my life coaching. It is a great next step in growing in self-awareness and personal growth. Check out the full run down in Enneagram 101