131. Coaching session on snacking, food, self control and wellness with Suzie

Suzie is a mom of 2 who agreed to have a coaching call recorded to share here on the podcast.

I love to share examples of coaching sessions to show the range of topics that life coaching can cover – and to give you an idea of how I approach coaching. But really, we share this because the issues that women get coached on are always an issue someone else can relate to and get support on just by listening. 

Issues she wanted coaching on are:

  • Increasing self-control around food
  • Snacking without thinking or to get some pleasure in the day
  • Eating inline with an AIP (autoimmune protocol)
  • Putting off the food restrictions of the AIP


Main points we covered in this coaching session:

  • Getting clear on what ‘self-control’ would mean to her when it comes to food/health
  • Idealizing the past self ‘before kids’ and recognizing where she can let go of the expectations she puts on her current self to do what her past self has done
  • Using the ‘rules’ against herself, to keep her from sticking with it and making progress (all or nothing thought trap)
  • Consider what level of awareness she has of her food habits and how she responds to breaking her own rules
  • Being on autopilot through the day and using up her  willpower until it is exhausted in the day
  • The comfort and gratification we get from snacking 
  • Taking action from a place of feeling frustrated with your health vs from a place of feeling empowered
  • Loosening her grip on having control and doing ‘what is right’ 
  • How we have trained our bodies to crave modern foods that give us so much dopamine 
  • Undoing the programming and autopilot and approaching her life from her own intentional values
  • Using the lessons learned from having an eating disorder at how to proactively approach health moving forward
  • Looking for the disconnects on how to measure the success of diet and exercise and seeing where they can be at odds with one another
  • Negative motivation running in the background (subconscious) vs positive motivation
  • Listening to her inner dialogue (mental story) going into situations like snacking and how she wants to respond to herself when she eats the food and regrets it
  • Different approaches to the AIP diet and how to manage the overwhelm it can create
  • Acknowledging where she can seek peace instead of perfection with the approach to food
  • Noticing the inner rebel that resists her own ‘rules’
  • Eating mindfully in times where she normally ‘fog eating’ 


Questions to ask yourself  in applying this session to your own wellness journey

  • Where do you have all or nothing thinking about your wellness?
  • What expectations do you have of your health and wellness that overwhelm you?
  • What values do you have for how you approach taking care of your health?
  • How do you measure your success differently from what you say out loud to what you think deep down?
  • Where do you feel unclear about what your approach should be? And how can you break it down to one small goal you know you want to have?


Suzie’s actions and takeaways

  • Choose one food goal to stick with (going paleo)
  • Seek peace in food rather than perfection  
  • Approaching her health intentionally will not feel natural, but it has to be done ON PURPOSE!
  • Looking at the root thinking behind how she approaches health
  • This all takes intention, it doesn’t just ‘happen’ because we talked about it 
  • Make an imperfect meal plan for this week
  • Write out her ‘intentional’ thoughts she wants to practice


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Coaching session on snacking, food, self control and wellness with Suzie

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