Levi Is TWO! {Marking the Milestones with a Birthday Picture}

Remember the picture I made for Levi’s first birthday?….

I’m only about two months late but here it is…. Levi’s Birthday Picture for his second birthday. Wow, feels like a jam packed year for us and how he has grown.

I can’t wait to make Lenayah’s first year pic this summer and write all about the brave and curious pepita she is.

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2 thoughts on “Levi Is TWO! {Marking the Milestones with a Birthday Picture}”

  1. I love that some of the things he hates are wearing mittens and having cold hands….LOL and that he still likes helping with dishes 🙂 Have you had him wipe windows yet? That’s Bean’s new fave chore.

    • Yeah, they go hand in hand! It was hard to limit my word count on this. Ill try the window cleaning idea – he does throw everything in the garbage though (including my phone).


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