32. When you don’t know what you want out of life (part 3 of You Can Simplify Your Life).

When you don’t know how you want to show up in your daily life you won’t ever feel like you are being the person you WANT to be. You live with this tension like things aren’t right—like you aren’t enough.

In part 3 of the You Can Simplify Your Life series we’re pursuing life on purpose by working through what we want and deciding what kind of person we want to be along the way.



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I am really enjoying the 30for30 style challenge this summer. I needed it to give me some reminders that 30 items is A LOT OF CLOTHES! I don’t think I’ve worn all 30 yet and we are halfway through. I have been sharing my outfits on Instagram if you want to follow along.

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When you don’t know what you want in life

This portion is my favourite because this is what really propelled me and Conor to really start setting out a vision for the life we wanted. This is the process of setting out your vision and values.

I’ve been in this process for over five years, I life coach women on it, I think about it, I preach it, I wrote a book about it (the Life on Purpose workbook). WOMEN! FRIENDS! It is time to stop and ask yourself two things that will allow you to really start living the simpler, more purposeful life you crave.

Question 1


Question 2


When we don’t know these things then we are at the mercy of our autopilot life. Autopilot is that rut we are in of the same thoughts, actions, reactions, and feelings we have each day.

We aren’t working towards any bigger, empowering vision of the life we want to build into. We are just bobbing about in our daily life, hoping that our future self will somehow have it all figured out by then.

I know when I started to ask these questions about what I wanted and who I wanted to be, with three small kids all at home, it felt daunting. But I had come to this point where I felt restless with my life, I felt like I was just surviving, I was tired, and just overwhelmed by looking at all the amazing things other women were doing with their lives.

Over my years of pursuing life on purpose, I feel it has three steps:

  1. knowing what you want
  2. deciding what kind of person you want to be along the way
  3. making steps (from micro-steps to big goals) in that direction (we will cover this in PART FOUR!)

So let’s get started today with the first two

This past spring I launched a workshop to guide you through this process of KNOWING YOUR VISION AND VALUES. Many of you had asked me to bring it back, so I’m happy to relaunch the replay as a freebie to help you with this portion of the YOU CAN SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE SERIES.

  • This workshop is 45 minutes and it takes you through the entire vision and value setting process
  • There are worksheets to follow along with or you can use the Life on Purpose Workbook
  • This workshop is for those of you who are ready to TAKE THE TIME TO LISTEN TO YOURSELF
  • The workshop includes time to actually put pen to paper so you will get the most out of it and end the session with your own values and vision laid out for you!

To get access to the workshop and the worksheets, ​simply fill in the form below or click here



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