Tips on Giving Kids Gifts Without Being Overrun By Toys (Minimalist Christmas)

We are coming off a year of ‘giving experiences not gifts’ so I’ve been approaching this Christmas with a smaller shopping list and big plans on how to ‘do things’ with our kids.  We have told the kids that for Christmas we will take them to a hotel and go swimming. Their reaction has been somewhere in between ‘I’d rather have ninja turtle toys’ and ‘When can we go? Buy me pink goggles’.

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Of course presents are fun, especially thoughtful ones. We don’t forgo gifts all together, we just are more selective on the toys we do buy them. And even though we’ve purged the toys in the house, it still feels like all the toys gather under the couch and multiply in hoards of broken plastic. And why do we have so many doll heads? Where are their bodies? Somewhere in this house there has to be a secret stash of all the lost bobby pins, tea spoons and doll bodies that have vanished from existence.

So, kid gifts that we can bring into the house without it feeling like we’ve negated all the decluttering are high on my priority list.

Here are five ways to give your kids gifts without it feeling like you’ve been overrun with toys

  1. Add to an existing set give gifts without more toy clutterbuy a sheep and tractor for the farm set, a figurine for the legos, a chair for the Barbie. Kids
  2. Make a hobby station –  furnish a space where they can organize their favourite hobby.  Get a vanity for a make up station, some totes for craft station, a cute locker for a sport station
  3. Give a token for an experience you will share – Get a mug to go out for cocoa together, or a book bag for a library outing, or a helmet to go biking, etc
  4. Create an activity for their toys – Get something small and simple that they can bring into play with their toys. They could have a party for stuffies, camp out for ninja turtle, car wash in sink for their hotwheels.
  5. Make them super sidekicks – Buy/make capes for a  fave stuffie and your kid to be super sidekicks

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