Kale Chips for Toddlers {And a Story of Wonderful Worldly Women}

I have some great sisters in law. They have opened my world to many things, whether or not they realize it. Listening to them, talking their ear off, drinking tea with them, gathered for hours around kitchen stoves and dinner tables with them.  In those minutes that pass by as routine from an outside glimpse are seconds where my heart fills with awe over these women I call family.
Their core qualities of hard work, adventure, health, learning and passion. All these swirling abilities have brought them on global escapades, amongst stunning settings, filled with remarkable characters. Places and experiences that I am unlikely to mirror, but it doesn’t matter. They bring it all back with a smile and a hug. To my home, my dining room table. To my husband, their brother, me and our kids.
They bring back intangible things like their stories, that when told with their own words and laughter, allow their sprits to flicker like a dozen candles in the abandoned night. They bring back tangible things like Peruvian cacao nibs, books, and blue handmade mugs. Things that are simple and dear and warm up in my hands.
A common theme with their visits is the stream of great food. Hands see-sawing across our large wood table to share jar and bowls and platters. There are always new things to try. Sometimes things I would mistake for compost and toss before eating. But I try it, and my taste buds re-route themselves to embrace this new experience.  
So now things like kale chips, nutritional yeast, cilantro, and beet juice get added to menu plans and shopping lists. Thanks to my sisters in law. Eating like hippies since 1999. 
So here is a recipe for kale chips, that are so much more than ‘just kale chips’ to me. 

Everyone loves chips, not everyone loves kale.
So to satisfy the crunch and still load the ninos with some nutrients thought I’d throw some kale chips their way, and they loved them.

All you need is a bunch of kale, some oil and your favourite seasonings. Fast, easy, tasty. 

1. Preheat over to 350C
2. Wash bunch of kale and DRY WELL
3. Tear off the leafy greens and discard the stem (or juice it if you are hardcore like that)
4. Drizzle about 1/2 to 1 tbsp vegetable oil (olive or grapeseed) and gently toss to massage and coat the leaves (use just enough oil to coat all the leaves, but not so much that they get soggy)
5. Season. You can go any direction you like with this…salt, garlic, curry, spicy. I went for a little cheesiness using nutritional yeast and a little salt, chili powder and garlic powder (similar to the vegan dorito seasoning).
6. Lay out on baking sheet and put in oven
7. Stir about every five minutes. Bake for about 10-15 minutes or until crispy (the crispier the better).

For babies with fewer teeth I recommend giving them only the ends of the kale chip, where there is very little spiny part to the leaf. I just fed LJ the parts I could tear apart easily with my fingers – like the kale chip crumbs basically. She didn’t care, she devoured them.

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