Just a Weird Mom Raising Weird Kids {Find Me Guest Posting At Mahlke Chronicles}

Whoever said you can’t make blogging friends on instagram wasn’t insta-stalked by the likes of me. I asked Angie from the Mahlke Chronicles to guest post with me and she chose the topic IMAGINATION. So I thought what better time to talk about my childhood imaginary friend, the imagination I see blossoming in my kid’s worlds and how I hope they always stay weird….like their parents. Okay, mostly like their mom. 

Here is a snippet of my Guest Post today over at the Mahlke Chronicles

I was that weird girl with a weird imaginary friend. A guy named Laurie, unisex names were all the rage in the 80s. Though I remember even thinking to myself that the whole thing was weird, I was quickly distracted by the fact that Laurie had a cat. And what’s even more awesome than an imaginary cat? That’s right, an imaginary cat’s baby kittens….[READ MORE]

See Angie’s Post called the Imagination Garage here

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