61. How we introduced chores to our kids (Saturday Morning Chores)

I was asked to share some of our experience with kids doing chores.  I think it is a great subject because a lot of us want to raise kids who know the discipline and skill of chores, but we don’t want it to be this big huge fight that ends up creating a tense and stressful situation for us and our kids. 

In this episode, I’m sharing our strategies, tips and mindset for how we handle kid chores in our home. It doesn’t mean it is always happy, or easy – but we are focussing on the process more than the outcome and it makes a difference.


Some main points we covered:

  • we need to let go of the need to make our kids constantly happy 
  • know you why – why do you want your kids to do chores?
  • how we got started with Saturday Morning Chores
  • how we have built on starting with one task
  • introducing chores, delivery matters
  • helping kids through the overwhelm
  • motivating kids to do chores that fulfill their vision
  • teaching the attitude and culture of chores in the home 
  • enjoying it
  • thought traps you might get stuck in (expecting perfect/obedience/happiness)
  • falling into the comparison trap

You can read the full post right here. 

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