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When I started the process of decluttering my home, it set me on an unexpected path. Clearing out full rooms previously used for storage gave me a fresh start in deciding how I use my newly freed up space. I found my house became a home that we could really use for the things we love.

As with most ‘minimalists’, decluttering your home often transitions into decluttering your life. When you clear out the excess, the unnecessary, the ‘good but not great’ then you get to make way for the things you really want. You get to live your life more in line with your own values. You get to live it more on purpose.

I spent most of my adult life on auto-pilot. Three kids in three years, giving up my career to become a stay at home mom, floundering in my marriage and relationships and feeling like I was forming bad habits with my health, I knew I wanted to change. I knew there had to be more than this. So I set out to start living my LIFE ON PURPOSE. It has been one of the most fruitful changes in my life.

Over the years I have shared my journey here and on Instagram and many of you have asked me for advice. You wonder how to get started. You feel overwhelmed with getting from point a to b. You don’t want to let life pass you by. You want to get in it and live YOUR life with intention.

So I wrote up this starter guide. It is a simple outline on how to start Intentional Living tonight, no matter what stage you are in. It is what you can do each day to work on making Intentional Living a habit.

I hope it helps you get started!


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Daily Guide to Life on Purpose

Intentional Living means living the life YOU want, on purpose.

This guide will help you define what a purposeful life looks like for you and lead you to set some mini goals and habits to get started Life on Purpose today!

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