Three ways to bring hygge into your daily life

If you’ve been on Pinterest, you have seen the trend of hygge posts. Homes filled with candles, coffee mugs, cozy blankets and simple living areas with warm and rustic touches, and all things scandi-inspired.

hygge mindset
photo by Haley Powers


Hygge is the Danish word that has no direct English translation but it is centered around coziness, contentment, and connectedness with others and nature. Over the centuries the Danish people have embraced hygge as a way of life. They have brought these values into their daily life and since they focus on making their long dark winter an especially hygge time, they have incorporated these ‘things’ we are seeing represented as hygge.  BUT hygge isn’t about stuff.

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Hygge isn’t a decor trend or a shopping list, it is a mindset.

Hygge is about sitting with your friends around a candle-lit table sharing a simple snack before it is about candles.

It is about cuddling in a cozy blanket for a family movie before it is about a warmly textured couchscape.

It is about sitting alone in the morning, enjoying the view out the window with a warm cup of coffee before it is about cute mugs.

Hygge isn’t a decor trend. It is a mindset you take in your daily life. As I mentioned in the Hygge vs Minimalism post: Hygge is the invitation to gather, the beauty of the simple things, the heart of conversation, the details of hospitality.


Here are three mindsets to bring hygge into your everyday life


A value the Danish people have is work-life balance. There isn’t much hustling and business in hygge.   Slowing down is an important part of hygge because it allows you to just stop and enjoy where you are, what you are doing and who you are with. The art of slowing down is an investment in space as well as time. When you slow down you can become aware of the space you are in, and invest in making it your oasis.  It also allows makes time in your day to bring in hobbies and socializing that you find enjoyable.



Scandi decor is on trend right now, but it was adopted centuries ago and maintained all this time because it is simple. Using simple ingredients in baking, simple supplies in crafting, simple materials in decor are markers of hygge because it represents being content with, and making the best of what you DO have. If you have been around Simple on Purpose at all, you know that I am a big fan of simplifying your space, because simplifying helps you find more contentment. When you take away the excess and filter out what you do not love or use, you realize you don’t need SO MUCH and you become more aware of what you do want to have in your life and your space.  Appreciating simple gatherings, simple hobbies, simple pleasures and simple activities make space for contentment to grow.


The Danish culture values equality, where everyone at the table has an equal say. They value smaller gatherings where meaningful conversations can be had more easily. Hygge means making a point of meeting up for coffee, gathering around the dinner table, sitting with your spouse each night to enjoy one another’s company. In North America, we live in a culture where it is easy to isolate yourself and just socialize online. We think we counteract this by attending the odd great big gathering where we greet all the attendees then head home. If we want to hygge more, we will show up for conversations. We will ask others to show up and gather with us. We will give our full attention to the people and the conversations around us. (Read more about Showing Up for Life)

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