5 Great Things About My Husband Training for a Spartan Race {#fiveonfriday}

Conor had always joked about training for a half marathon.

It was joke because our free time as parents of three toddlers was usually delegated to finding ‘that smell’. He worked long hours that didn’t lend themselves to training at reasonable hours. But the true truth is that we both knew what would really happen once the phrase ‘training’ became a mindset.  An obsessive drive would saturate every spare minute of his daily life.

But here we are, about to watch him run the Spartan Race this weekend.

Seven months ago he began dripping with the detail-focussed, relentless dedication to training his body to inch closer to succeeding in this race. I knew it was something he wouldn’t take lightly. So I was one-side dreading the time-commitment he would give it. One the other side, I was plain excited to watch him follow a passion. (We all need to follow our passions more often!)

I could write five things I hated about my husband training for this race. But as all hard things, they are usually worth it. It was a sacrifice for everyone, but I’m more proud of him than I am put out. So I will share five things I love about my husband training for a Spartan Race.

husband training for spartan race

  1. He’s hunky(er). The obvious reason can be seen sauntering around without a shirt after he his work out. He tells me that he is ‘cooling down’ his body temperature. Mmm hmm, just like I’m wearing this padded bra to ‘relieve muscle tension in my lower back’. So sure, he’s getting hotter by the Conair-style chin ups. Which is great….unless you pair it with me, coming off the gravity-shifting brink of having babies for the past four years. My own body is in a constant state of ‘huh?’ and he’s loitering about, casually topless and ripped. Whatever, I’m cool with it.husband training for the spartan race
  2. He’s healthy. In his quest to consume all.the.protein he doesn’t blink twice when I cook things like lentils on toast, or quinoa muffins. I’ve considered just grilling him a big ole turkey leg while the rest of us eat cereal, but we suit up and all eat healthier together.
  3. He’s helpful. I’ve been slowly warming up to routine fitness in my own life (like, really slowly). He is always there to give me advice on how to properly do a chin up (I haven’t reached step one: actually be able to do a chin up), explain what intervals and sets are. However, we might disagree on what most ideal bedtime snacks might be.bedtime snack disagreement
  4. He’s our kids’ hero. The youtube marathon of Spartan Race videos may have been its own special kind of unnecessary ways to spend an afternoon. However, seeing images of strong men and women doing the race has got it into the kids’ heads that they want to be stronger and healthier. They run around ‘exercising’ and say they want to do ‘races like Dad’. I hope they do!
  5. Carbs. It’s been seven months of protein this, and salad that, and now we get to carb load together the few nights prior to the race. Because homemade pizza with garlic butter. Because the family that carb loads together, stays together

homemade pizza


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