Happy Man Day!

Apparently in Germany Father’s Day is termed Man Day. Makes sense to me. A father is a MAN. Strong, provider, hard working, respectful, doing right by his family.  At least that’s what I see in my son’s father. 

He’s the one will stay awake to drive his family home after a long trip. He stays up too late to hang out with me and gets up way too early and works hard all day and provide for us. He displays respect and affection to me that lets our family know I am valued and adored as a mother and wife.  He is constantly spending his free time to better our home and property.  He is consistent, firm and best of all, open and caring.  I love watching him cover our son’s head in kisses and then throwing him in the air to make him laugh. He can tenderly and rightfully shake the crazy out of my head when I’m losing my cool. Then he will start dancing and singing in the kitchen with me to make me smile, no matter who is watching. Yup. I think he is a MAN. A good looking one to boot!

There is no way I can celebrate him the way he deserves. So I will make him food. Wouldn’t it be cool if I went into labour and gave him another little bambino today :)!?! Aw well, I’ll be BBQing burgers at any rate.

How are you celebrating Father’s Day? 

Here are some ways it is celebrated around the world.

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