Great Canadian Mobile Home {Budget Friendly Renovation Tips}

You asked for it, you got it!

In follow up to the Great Canadian Mobile Home Renovation (<- check out this link for full before and afters), I’ve put together this post on some budget friendly reno tips.


This is reno going back about seven years now. We were reno-rookies testing the limits of our cordless drills, wallet and relationship. We had limited knowledge, resources and money. We learned as we went, made mistakes and moved on. Here is what worked for us, I hope something here helps you out with your renos!

Step One: Do It Yourself
I think the only thing we paid someone to do was pour the concrete footings. This is only due to the fact that we had our wise and wonderful Dads come help us out.

(we bought our linoleum paint from Home Hardware, they can formulate almost any colour and it is very durable) 

If you have any questions about these renos, feel free to email me at shawna@dovetailblog.com.

And if your relationship has endured first time renos…..

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