Giving Up My Career to Raise the Kid(s) {Becoming a SAHM}

The day I found out I was preggers

I used to wear nice clothes, that weren’t covered in puke.  I always remembered to brush my teeth and put on deodorant each day. I used to get a paycheque…. for being a grown up! 
I had worked for nearly 7 years in Public Health Protection and had just landed my dream job when I got a call that changed everything. My husband had been working away in a mining camp for 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off – after 2 years of this he called me – it was his birthday. He said “I don’t want to do this anymore. One more birthday, one more Christmas alone in camp.

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Lets move to small town nowhere, I can get a job there and be home every night. What do you think?”

After a lot of thought I agreed we should make the move- two weeks later we found out we were pregnant with our son. 

Now I wear whatever looks clean and hoping my friends don’t put me on ‘What Not to Wear’ for wearing mom-jeans! Each day ends with me feeling about 51% sure I’ve brushed my teeth and put on deodorant that day. We’ve gone from double income to single income. Instead of adult conversations and having a professional opinion on things – I’m singing nursery rhymes and fumbling through parenthood!

  • Becoming a SAHM: Creating A New Identity

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