Five Words My Kids Can’t Master #fiveonfriday

words my toddlers misuse and mispronounceIt has been well over a year that we have been doing Speech and Language therapy with Levi. I can’t say enough about how it has improved his communication and therefore, his confidence.

But there are still some words that both him and his sister just aren’t interested in using in the correct context or pronouncing properly.

Five Words My Kids Can’t Master

  1. ‘Polka bots’ instead of ‘polka dots’. But if you tell Lenayah how to say this correctly I might never make you waffles again, because it is seriously adorkable.
  2. ‘Trust’ is used in place of ‘destroy’.  You can imagine how confusing it has been for Levi when I would tell him, in a motherly condescending voice, ‘I trust you Levi’. Now we have a follow up motto to any conversations around trust: “Trust is a good thing”.
  3. ‘Coo-yell’ instead of ‘cool’. Sometimes I swear Lenayah transplanted right from Jersey into my womb. She is adding y’s and w’s to everyday words with big puffy cheeks and a heaping side of sass. Should I be worried that she asked for velour tracksuit and spray tan for Christmas?
  4. Pencils instead of pretzels. I mean, you could offer the kids a bowl of pencils with peanut butter on top. No doubt they would give you the same “oh no you just did NOT buy generic cheese” look I give Conor when he comes home from the grocery store. We are a family of culinary standards, after all!
  5. The word ‘collection’ is mispronounced as ‘erection’. And, unfortunately, Levi is always collecting rocks, cars, LEGOs, and any small item he can hold up in the air and notify unsuspecting strangers, ‘this is for my ‘collection”. (Insert weak, uncomfortable laugh and diversion by mom).
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