27. Lessons from the first year of decluttering, live your values and live your vision.

Have you spent time decluttering your home? Decluttering WILL be an emotional process because it means separating the life you want from the life you are building by default. Moreover, decluttering is emotional because your eyes are opened to where you have been living on default and also what it has cost you or cost the world around you. In this episode of Simple Saturdays I share how I reframed my view on decluttering’s role as well as some great freebies from the Life on Purpose workbook.

Simple Home | Decluttering

Here are 8 things I realized/learned/relearned from spending the year decluttering my family home:

  1. The line between ‘enough’ and ‘excess’ is easily crossed
  2. I’ve wasted so much money
  3. I’m filling space for the sake of filling space
  4. I’ve made so much waste
  5. This is all just a distraction
  6. Life is still messy
  7. It is a mindset, not an end goal
  8. It leads to more

Simple Life | Life on Purpose Workbook

I have some really great freebies I’m excited to share with you. To help you get started with setting out your LIFE ON PURPOSE, I took some of the content from the Life on Purpose workbook and condensed it into two starter worksheets. Links below.

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