File Don’t Pile Your Laundry

I came across this video by Andrea Dekker on how she folds her laundry and puts them in the drawer in FILES rather than PILES!

{Yes, I know, I spend too many hours of my life googling weird things.} 

So I’ve been doing this for over a year and I can never go back. 

No wrinkles!. Everything is easy to see. I can grab something easy without tearing the drawers apart. And look how much I can cram into my drawer!

I have ONE drawer for all my shirts: long sleeves, short sleeves, PJ shirts, tanks! (No, I don’t live in cotton, I just hang all my other tops). 


6 thoughts on “File Don’t Pile Your Laundry”

  1. But how do you get new ones in there? It seems hard to cram a new one in. Almost like you’d need to take a whole row out just to add one new shirt in. And unless you have your clothes memorized, how can you possibly know which shirt it is simply by seeing one little crevice? seems like they need file labels. Get it? haha

  2. Oh file labels would totally be a Martha move. It’s easy to add more, you just push them back from the front and shove them down there. I know you think it’s hard to tell which shirt you are looking at, but if you are like me you kinda know all your shirts and just need to see a little. The key is to fold them logo out so you can tell easier.


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