70. How to stick it out when you feel like you are failing

Whenever we know where we WANT to go, but getting there, doing the work can meet a lot of hurdles. 

One big hurdle is this desire we have to ‘get good’ at the thing. 

What do you want to get good at? Meal planning, parenting, waking up early, a hobby, building a business . . . 

What will it take for you to get good at it?  It isn’t just about mastering the skill/the thing itself  – it is about the things we can do that help us master the skill itself – the stepping stones that get us there. 


Here are three tips I have for you if you want to DO THE WORK of getting good at something:

  1. Consider how you are measuring success – are you stuck in all or nothing thinking? How does that keep you from making progress?
  2. Ask yourself how you handle failure – could it be true that you cannot fail? I know it sounds naive, but there can be a lot of peace in looking for the truth in this
  3. Look at how you are motivating yourself – do you rely on negative motivation to slog your way through it? What would it look like to move into positive motivation?
  4. BONUS: Are you WILLING to be bad at something in order to get good at something?


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how to stick it out when you feel like you are failing

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