65. When your kids don’t play with their toys anymore

Why have toys if your kids aren’t playing with them? Sure an option is to declutter the toys they don’t enjoy or seem to use. We can declutter the excess. But still, our kids aren’t always interested in playing with their toys. At least not as interested as they are in following us around the house whining that they are bored. 

Do you feel like your kids have a lot of toys but don’t seem to be interested in them like they used to? To a kid, the logical option is to buy a new toy – but we all know how excited they get when they find their old toy under the couch and how they suddenly never want to part with it when we talk about decluttering.

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Today, we’re going to talk about how to get your kids to play with their toys. There was a time where I bagged up almost all of my kids’ toys and kept them in the basement. And they never asked for their toys back. They didn’t even notice they were gone. They just continued on playing with whatever was around, and I was like, our kids have too many toys! What?! They’re not even sad! They don’t even notice! This prompted me to declutter their toys.


On this episode, I’m going to talk to you about:

  • The benefits of fewer toys
  • Our system for manage toys in the home that you could totally adapt
  • How we declutter toys 
  • What causes kids to lose interest in their toys
  • Seven strategies that you can use to get your kids to actually play with the toys they have
  • Why I think kids should have fewer toys
  • How to determine how many toys are too many


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