58. Isolation life vs simple on purpose life (marriage, motherhood, working from home, mental health)

We have all been taking stock of what isolation life looks like in comparison on how our life used to look. Sometimes this experience can be painful and disempower us as we move through these days of staying at home. 

Going through a lot of things we ‘don’t want to’ can really highlight the things that we DO want and crave. 

This episode is part two about the things I’m learning while in isolation and how I’m contrasting my current experience with what I want to move into in my post-pandemic life. 

This conversation will help you see some different mindsets and habits you might be having as a mom in isolation and give you some space to consider what it tells you about what you want your simple on purpose life to look like. 

In the last episode, we talked about this topic in the beauty, wellness, shopping, friendships, routines parts of life. 

In this episode we cover:

  • Working from home, remember the days when we could spend part of our workday online window shopping kitchen appliances and creeping on the local MLS listings?
  • Marriage in isolation, can your combined stress behaviours possibly level each other out? And why is my husband baking all this bread??
  • Motherhood in isolation, all I can say is Jesus Take The Wheel
  • Mental health, denial is a good form of dealing with stress, until it’s not 



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