57. What Isolation is Teaching Me About My Simple on Purpose Life (shopping, wellness, friends, routine)

I’ve been hearing this sentiment a lot lately: when we all get back to normal, decide what you want your ‘normal’ to be. 

Even if you are someone who pays attention to your life and tries to make it intentional and simple, this time in isolation has changed our routines and patterns enough that we are able to learn new things about how we had been showing up for our lives. 

In these next two episodes, I am going to run through the different areas of my life that I am paying attention to right now. In terms of how I am showing up during COVID isolation and what I mindsets/learnings I want to bring with me into my post-pandemic life.

In this episode, I talk about

  • Routines, is it worth keeping Saturday morning chores and Friday Night Treats?
  • Beauty, is anyone else still wearing the good eyeliner with their sweats?
  • Wellness, the truth as told by my FitBit
  • Shopping, is isolation a good time to buy a bra to replace the one you have been wearing almost daily for the past five years?
  • Homemaking, if a mom cleans a bathroom while in isolation and her kid pees on the floor five minutes later, did she even clean the bathroom?
  • Friends, are you sitting around wondering why nobody is texting you? Or are you part of all the group chats and zoom calls?



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Ways to connect


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