56. How to make a daily routine that works for you + your family

What day is it anymore? We don’t know. But we know we are hungry…..probably…I’m pretty sure. Or bored. Maybe. What day is it again?

Imagine this conversation being had by every person in your home. Cause our brain is melting a little bit without some sort of schedule and agenda. 

Rather than stay in this fog of wiping chip crumbs off our devices and smelling which sweats are clean enough to wear, perhaps it might help to give your day some framework that works for you and your kids at home.

After all, isolation has created this blank space that is being filled with homeschooling (crisis schooling), meals on repeat and tiger king memes. Let’s take command of things we CAN control, like when snacks happen and when we binge-watch tv.  *controlling the things you CAN!*, like Olaf said, and maybe Jesus, definitely Steven Covey. 

Here are some tips on how to schedule out your daily routine in a way that works for you and your family. 

  1. Make the mega list
  2. Theme your days
  3. Apply a framework, as vague or specific as you like
  4. Leave wiggle room
  5. Pay attention to what isn’t working, trial and error
  6. Include your kids
  7. The boredom busters
  8. Make your own plans too Mom!

You can read this all as a full blog post right here. 


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