55. Tips to move out of the stress response and into resilience

I’ve had requests to talk about resilience and endurance during this time where moms are home with their kids in isolation. 


Endurance is responding to stress for a duration of time. We can endure a certain amount of stress but eventually we burn out. 


Then we turn to resilience: the ability to bounce back from stress.

I think this is the place a lot of us moms are in right now. 

We have endured the first two weeks of isolation and now we realize that this is how things will stay for a while. Now we need to move out of stress mode and into a more intentional mode. 

Resilience has three steps:


How can you take care of yourself rather than comfort yourself? (self-care vs self-comfort)


What are your values and how can you make a plan for yourself?

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With awareness and support

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