51. How Minimalism Changed My Motherhood (+ weird stuff I’m googling)

What is different in my mothering since I have decluttered my home.  A reader (Hi Melissa!) asked me to share on this topic. In this episode I’ll share FOUR WAYS minimalism has changed my motherhood. 

(In the next one I’ll share how it has changed my marriage, homemaking and life). 



Weird things I am googling: fancy coffees, hot 90s country, celebrity family trees, the contestants from extreme makeover and currency inflation

How minimalism has changed my mothering: a family culture of creativity vs consumption, being a mom who does stuff, creating their childhood home, having space to DO LIFe together, making memories instead of buying more stuff. 



THE STEPS THAT GOT ME HERE (relevant links)

The habit of consumption

Family culture

On being a mom who tries new things

Restless in motherhood

Basement playroom BEFORE + AFTER

Fun family stuff

Giving experiences instead of gifts

What happened when I took half my kids’ toys away



Vitamin water (on my faves page)

The Joy of Less (linked in this post on mindsets to shift for decluttering)


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