50. Things I never thought I would do, until I became a parent (also, cheese)

This is a super FUN episode! 

I asked the FB group and Instagram friends for the topics they want to hear me talk about on the 50th episode. I have a couple of great topics I’ll be sharing on today. 

The first, and major one, is the topic of things I have done as a mom that I never expected to do.

I think we all have those ‘WHAT IS MY ACTUAL LIFE??? moments’ as moms where we are wiping up pee with our sock and rolling out to the grocery store with a head full of kid barrettes.  So, I rolled through a lot of these moments in my own years of mothering smaller kids. 

I was also asked to talk about CHEESE, so I share a few of my fave ways to eat my fave cheeses. 


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