Easy Toddler Christmas and Advent Activities

So we have a new tradition this year. Adventing (oh yes, in this house it’s a verb). This year I had felt overcome by the meaning of Advent. Suddenly the weeks leading to Christmas seem so precious to me. Give me ten years max and I will become ‘that weird Christmas lady’ because I am OVERCOME with the ADVENTING!

This year, for the first time, I wanted advent to be more than the most inconveniently packaged and underwhelming chocolates that I’ve dearly loved since I was a kid myself. I wanted to add in some activities to make each day a celebration. But I wanted them to be simple.

simple advent activitiesSo I got out a calendar, looked at all our plans for the month and made a list of something we could do each day that was Christmassy. With the kids being 4,3 and 1 I really wanted the activities to be cheap, simple, and not require me to liquidate the nearest Michael’s.

Then I dug up my stash of cards and envelopes (because apparently I have a drawer full of those! #minimalismwhat) and I wrote a card for each day with our advent activity and a reading from the Jesus Storybook Bible. Then I proudly Instagrammed it. Then I went through and caught up on my Instagram feed and realized that all my momfriends were already doing the same and I was late to the party. But hey, we are all at the same party so I wanted to share all the cool advent ideas I had for my kids and the ones my friends suggested . . . . 

Food related

  1. Hot cocoa and marshmallows
  2. Cookie decorating
  3. Bake something
  4. Decorate a gingerbread house
  5. Have a Christmas picnic on the floor under the tree
  6. Bake a birthday cake for Jesus #happybirthdayjesus
  7. These little reindeer snacks that are way too easy
  8. Dehydrate cut oranges (can use them for tree decorations or to make Christmas stove top potpourri)
  9. Put red and green sprinkles/icing sugar on your pancakes
  10. Eat waffles (not Christmassy in particular, but it should just be part of your life)
  11. Have a meal by candlelightadvent toddlers

Craft related

  1. Christmas colouring books (the dollar store sells some activity colouring books)
  2. Write letters to santa, or your creepy household nutcracker
  3. Make a wreath with family handprints cut out of construction paper
  4. Cut out snowflakes
  5. Make cards for your friends
  6. Make a christmas tree picture (Draw a tree outline on paper and kids stick on ornament stickers
  7. Make Christmas ornaments (make it as simple or complex as you want, I like the ones with pipe cleaners and beads)
  8. Make a chain of paper/wrapping paper loops
  9. Decorate your own wrapping paper on brown craft paper
  10. Make/hang Jess Tree ornaments (an idea from Sarah)
  11. Do the Truth in the Tinsel ebook, which is a DIY ornament and scripture for each day (an idea from Hanna)
  12. Play with red and green playdough

Activity (from easy to work required)

  1. Wear red and green
  2. Stay in Christmas PJs all day
  3. Musical chairs to Christmas music
  4. Balloon party with red, green and white balloons
  5. Glow bath (bath with red and green glow sticks)
  6. Christmas bath bombs
  7. Elf yourself
  8. Shovel snow
  9. Drive around to see Christmas lights
  10. Decorate an outdoor tree (from Colleen)
  11. Hang candy canes on the tree
  12. Read Christmas books (maybe even a book basket)
  13. Do a scavenger hunt (we are doing our hunt for the Christmas PJs)
  14. Wrap some presents together
  15. Call Grandma and sing a Christmas song
  16. Make snowmen
  17. Go Christmas carolling
  18. Go sledding
  19. Wrap a door in the house with wrapping paper
  20. Watch a youtube video on Christmas traditions in other parts of the world
  21. Go to a community concert/play
  22. Bring snow inside to play on a baking sheet (from Colleen)
  23. Stick on window decals
  24. Look at your Christmas card collection (we save many of our past ones in a little box and the kids rifle through them)

advent for toddlers

Acts of Kindness

(most of these are from one of my momfriends, who should totally start a blog *cough* just saying)

  1. Make your brother’s/sister’s bed
  2. Give someone a hug
  3. Candy cane bomb a parking lot
  4. Make lunch
  5. Clean up someone else’s mess
  6. Donate to the food bank
  7. Donate to a local charity
  8. Shovel snow or sprinkle de-icer for someone
  9. Play with someone new at school today
  10. Make someone a card
  11. Make someone a gift
  12. Tell a friend why you like them
  13. Smile at a stranger
  14. Bring cookies to your neighbours
  15. Donate some of your toys that are in good condition
  16. Put together care packages for a local shelter

Supplies you can have on hand

  • construction paper, white paper, kraft paper
  • crayons, felts, paint, glue, scissors
  • balloons, stickers, bows, christmas window decals
  • glow sticks, bath bomb (a good reason to stop by Lush!)
  • Candy canes, pretzels, marshmallows, cocoa
  • Cake mix, gingerbread house package (Costco has a great one)


What are your favourite easy advent activities?


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