Five DIYs I Will Actually Do….probably….I’m pretty sure #fiveonfriday

Do you ever go back in your Pinterest archives and check out all your old pins . . . .  and then laugh at the board ‘2011 You’ made of ‘DIYs That I Will TOTALLY Do!’. Maybe you actually did them (you get your craft on sista!). Or maybe now the board is just called ‘Cool Stuff Other Chicks Are DIYing’ (solidarity my friend).

I’ve always loved a good DIY. Even if I can’t do it often, I still enjoy the process of concocting, assembling, inventing, creating. I feel a drive to ‘create’ things. Sometimes those things I create are more like ‘DIY toilet paper re-rolling’. If there is enough time in the year, maybe I’ll get a chance to make a special Christmas present (I made these, and I’m unreasonably proud of both of them).

DIY photo display for grandma

I want my kids to learn how to DIY. I want their hands to fiddle and minds to figure. I want them to have the skill of fixing and fashioning. I think it is becoming a lost art.

But not all DIYs are created equal. You need to know your resources, or at least have a stiff drink on hand when you see your time and money being packed into the back of the garbage truck because your DIY toy shelf made of diaper boxes didn’t make the cut (unless your goal was to create a sticky toddler trap, then mission accomplished You Crafting Bombshell!).

DIY I will actually do

After my friend recommended a great DIY supply site called Tradefix Direct, it inspired me to buy some supplies, and get crafting!
I was perusing my Pinterest Boards and these five pins stuck out to me as DIYs I will actually do. . . . .

non slip toddler sock DIY

This one is genius. It would make laundry sorting so much faster. Just imagine the goose eggs that could be avoided. After all, the kids are getting pretty sick of wearing helmets all day long.

hand lettered wall hanging

This one is from Colleen at Lemon Thistle (such a cute site, and she’s a BC Mama!). I love how rustic and simple this is. I have so many ‘sayings’ I’d love to put in the kids’ rooms and this would be such a simple way to do it. First saying on my DIY list ‘Trust is a good thing’.

diy grocery list papers

Now, I don’t need four of these. Just one big one. Preferably with a carbon copy paper roll so there is always a duplicate and nobody can ever claim ‘it wasn’t on the shopping list’ ever again!!! Or something like that.

bookshelf for toddlers

Our current book storage situation is a bookshelf in the creepy basement and a giant rubbermaid. However, I’ve noticed a lack of ‘DIY rubbermaid book storage’ pins on Pinterest, so maybe I should broaden my horizons and up my game to ‘book displays for toddlers to climb on’

diy wall art

Since I pinned this years ago it has lived in the spot of my brain reserved for renovating our bedroom. I would love to have some song lyrics on here, over our bed.  Currently our room is where budget carpet goes to die. I might have a secret jail-style tally calendar written in the dust of our ceiling fan where I count down each day that goes past where our bedroom decor cries itself to sleep at night on my turquoise carpet.

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