125. Creativity vs Productivity in Motherhood (making time for the things you love to do, with Siobhan Jones)

Do you wish you made time for the things you enjoy? Maybe you aren’t sure what hobbies you would like, or you think you aren’t ‘creative enough’ to have hobbies. 

I have encouragement for the mom who feels guilty that she doesn’t enjoy her time, but also feels guilty when she isn’t ‘productive enough’ 

Siobhan Johnes from the Unlocked Creative is sharing her insights and tips to help moms make more time for the things they love to do. 



For the woman who says ‘I’m just not ‘creative”

  • What it means to be creative
  • Where creativity comes from   
  • How we are made to be creative and use our creativity in the world

For the mom who says ‘what do I even enjoy? how should I spend my ‘creative time’?’

  • Following the breadcrumbs and trying new things
  • The hurdle to exploring the hobbies and routines that you will enjoy
  • Steps you can take to learn what you enjoy in life

For the woman who feels like ‘creativity’ is frivolous or childish

  • Permission to enjoy something just because it is enjoyable
  • Planning in time to be creative, open, and messy
  • Having time to be creative in a way that doesn’t need praise or validation 

For the mom who feels like there is no time to do hobbies or be creative

  • How to open up to the ways you can bring it into your daily life
  • The thought ‘there is not enough time’ always shuts down our openness to finding how to make it work
  • The scarcity mindset keeping you from taking action  
  • Being open to how we determine the time, purpose, and the values we want to bring into our life
  • Steps to find more time for the things you want to make the time for 
    • time audit, looking for ‘time sucks’, finding the in-between times, delegating

For the mom who wants ideas on hobbies

  • Start with what is around you – what you have available
  • Turning to your everyday surroundings for inspiration
  • See some ideas on this

For the mom who feels guilty when she’s not ‘productive’

  • The inner critic that comes up when are playing rather than being productive
  • Acknowledging the societal influences on how we view the value of our activities
  • Looking for when we feel guilt, or lack of value when we aren’t ‘producing’
  • Listening to the times you feel guilt or shame or unworthiness when you spend time on a creative outlet
  • Modelling creativity and hobbies and doing things we enjoy for our kids
  • Putting guilt outside the door so creativity can come in
  • Feeling guilty for creativity AND feeling guilty you aren’t spending your time in ways that you enjoy


To find Siobhan Jones head over to the Unlocked Creative Podcast, and find her on Instagram

Find my episode on Siobhan’s show where we talk about exhaustion, simplifying, prioritizing, and purpose in creativity.

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