47. My husband’s take on setting vision and goals together

Want to live life with more purpose? 5 years ago we stumbled upon our first ‘life on purpose’ conversation and since then we spend time each New Year to talk about how the year went and what we want in the year to come.  

I asked Conor if we could have some of this conversation in front of the microphone and share it on the podcast. . . . 

husband and wife recording podcast episode on intentional living and family life

Things we covered on this episode:

How Life on Purpose has changed for us over the years

Reflecting on the goals we have had over the years

The experience of using the Life on Purpose workbook last January 

Reviewed our home and family vision mottos from the past year

Discussed a few priorities we are setting for the year ahead for our home and family life



Our home vision for 2019 was ‘less piles, more renoing’

How decluttering has changed our space and home

His decluttering process with the kids’ toys (as requested by our 8 year old)



Our family motto for 2019 was ‘be a family that is present and proactive’

Our plans for our family this summer

Being a ‘yes’ parent



The power of planning together

Who is the natural action-taker in the relationship (hint, not the type nine!)

The surprising reason Conor agreed to start this process with me five years ago

How to take a simple step to get started with planning life on purpose together with your partner


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