Cool things my kids are doing #fiveonfriday

Happy Friday everyone! Who is having waffles for dinner??

You know I’m a sucker for Friday posts because it means I get to join some blogging ladies for #fiveonfriday and share with you a ‘list of five’. Today I wanted to kick it old school, get back to the roots of the early mom blogger and write about life lately.  Indulge me while I share with you . . . .IMG_0065


1 – CRAFTS! Specifically, Levi is getting his craft on. Last year at preschool he would dead refuse to even utter the words ‘paint brush’. Now each morning that he has preschool he discloses, “I’m gonna make a craft for you, and dad, not Lenayah…..(cue a crying sister)….fine, I’ll make you one Lenayah”. His initial efforts at crafting were the ‘fastest’ attempts at tossing around a marker and a very abstract glueing on of a single pompom, or member of the pompom family.


Now he’s making two crafts! He’s labelling them with his name, taking pride in things, adding a bit more multimedia to his negative space. Best part is that he brings his reluctant buddies along with him. We are so proud of what seems simple to a kid, but it wasn’t for him.

IMG_0059On the other hand, Lenayah is always crafting. On the day she attends preschool I pick her up and she fills the truck with an aroma of construction paper that has been soaked with white glue. She pumps out the crafts like she’s got a lifetime supply of  dollar store swag. So, I have a lot of art to display in my house. Thankfully an online friend told me about the Artkive app, so all the art lives an immortal life and I can recycle the hardcopy.


2 – BEYONCE! The other night I turned on All the Single Ladies. All three kids were still as stone with mouths open as they watched Beyonce make dancing look easy. Lenayah said, ‘Mom, I want you to teach me this’. Then the Chipmunks’ version came on and all she could say was ‘Whaaaaat???? Singing Squirrels???’. Life. Altered.


She walks around the house singing ‘I’M A SINGLE LADY, I’m a single lady, I’M A SINGLE LADY, I’m a single lady’, then Levi takes away the Oh-Oh-Oh chorus. This background music comes in handy when a mama needs to urgently ‘drop it like it’s hot’.


3 – DENTAL HYGIENE! If you say ‘brush your teeth’ Dawson will barrel down the hall like a housebound puppy headed out for a long awaited walk. He proudly climbs up the stool and stands amongst his beloved elders. He mostly drools, belly laughs and stares at what Levi and Lenayah are doing, but he thinks brushing his teeth is for fun.


It is a joke in our house that Lenayah is like a cat and Dawson is like a puppy. He really doesn’t help to bust that stereotype #thirdchildproblemsIMG_9488


4 – CHRISTMASSY  Since November 1st Levi has been asking me to decorate for Christmas. Scoff, what do you think this is kid?? A Costco!?! Either way, I’m intrigued that he is observant of the Christmas decor sprinkling the town. And any mom knows how exciting it is to watch them get excited for Christmas. Even if they don’t fully ‘get’ what it is.

Me ” What happens at Christmas?”

Kids ” We don’t know”

Me ” What do we do?”

Kids ” Put up decorations? . . . . . ?”christmas with baby dawson

So the gradual unfolding of Christmas activities is guaranteed to impress their comfortably low standards of Christmas. I love that I’m working with such basic expectations and that new awareness and excitement of toddlers who ‘know’ Holidays. Makes me inspired to make every day in December special…or every week. Who knows, I may even crack open that Pinterest board I started with new mom dreams of all the Christmas traditions!


5 – LA MUSICA. My little sister was in town last week. She’s been learning guitar and brought it out to play.  She strummed to a captive audience of two wide-eyed toddlers who were mesmerized by her skillz. I brought out the guitar that Great Uncle Herb had gave me. I tried to keep up, but I was a beginner when I left off five years ago.IMG_0063

Since then we’ve pulled out the keyboard to keep in the kitchen for musical interludes. This combined with my recent membership in the ‘casual choir of momfriends who might drink tea or wine depending on the mood’ a.k.a Beer League Choir, means that my buried dreams of being a music family are stepping up and taking their place in our lives.

Part of me had to sit down and remind myself about the things we had written down last winter, including the list of things we wanted to do with our kids. Having music be a part of our every day life is one of them. Sometimes we just need a reminder to refocus in on our ‘list’ of how we DO want to spend our time – and keep things simpler, on purpose.

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