Cinnamon Bun Waffles {Decadence Made Easy}

This is so delicious and so easy you might feel guilty eating it. But it’s scientifically proven that cream cheese icing makes calories evaporate. Besides, brunch is a freebie anyways. 

1. Buy cinnamon buns from the refrigerator section. The ones that come in a tube.  I heard the flaky crust large rolls are best cause they make larger waffles, as you can see mine turned out tiny
2. Oil waffle iron
3. Bake
4. Drizzle on the icing supplied (we used our own cream cheese icing we had on hand)

I made these as a treat last week and I highly suspect there will always be a roll of cinnamon buns on hand in my fridge from now on. 

PS. This is SOOO not gluten and dairy free


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