42. How to simplify the Christmas stress & gift giving (your Q+As)

What issues do you have when you attempt to simplify Christmas? I asked this question in the Facebook group and on Instagram and was sent so many thoughtful questions—which tells me that I have the best readers, women who can feel the changes they want to make and see it right there and will take steps to get there! This is part one of a two-part episode addressing these issues.

Simplify Your Christmas (Mindsets, Gifts, Decor)

Christmas stress + expectations

Christmas may have been magical as a child, but now we are adults and we feel the stress of all the activities, gifts, budgets, travel, etc. Just like we work at living our LIFE ON PURPOSE, we can get mindful and make a plan to have our CHRISTMAS ON PURPOSE. Planning is so important because it lets you make mindful decision ahead of time, so all that mental and prep work is done and you can just show up and enjoy the special days ahead.


What sorts of expectations do you have when it comes to gift-giving? VS What are your values with gifts, what do gifts mean to you? When you are looking at your gift lists and thinking of what to buy people, it can help to consider how you want to express your love to them. How can you make them feel seen?


Christmas decor should be whatever you like. If you don’t know what you like, make a vision board on Pinterest and look for themes. Have/keep/buy decor that you LOVE and have room for.

Listen to part two of Simplify Your Christmas.

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how to simplify the christmas stress & gift giving

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