Mindsets for Tired Moms

I’ve been admiring new babies of my friends both online and offline. It really does seem like so long ago that my youngest, Dawson (now 4.5), was keeping me up … Read more

21. Parenting books that changed my mothering, your future self, #MayOnPurpose Instagram challenge.

Three parenting books and why I loved them, how to support your “future self” (a lesson from your nerdy life coach (me!)), connect with me on Instagram in the Photo … Read more

How to live your actual life

There is a cliche saying ‘get comfortable with discomfort’   A few years ago I would roll my eyes at this saying that OBVIOUSLY does not apply to me. Now … Read more

Mothering Through Anxiety

Anxiety in motherhood took over my parenting, my marriage and my happiness I came across this really interesting article.  It lists five types of mothering styles: perfectionist(she is hypercritical and controlling), … Read more