Finding Your Simple Christmas

On Friday we talked about these five tips to make your Christmas simpler. But ‘simple’ looks different to each family. What does it look like to your family? The first … Read more

Homebody Summer

I recently had a hair cut…a crooked hair cut at that! I think highly of hairdressers, even if they might cut crookedly, mostly because they try so hard to make … Read more

The Top Ten of 2015

I am enough days in to 2016 to know that I will spend the next nine months correcting a 5 into a 6. I am also enough days in to know that I … Read more

I Was Wrong About LEGOs

Nostalgia of childhood toys lingers in the back of my brain. Sometimes I will smell something musty and sweet that reminds me of that little doll I had as a kid. Or … Read more