How NOT to Garden

Last spring I asked my sweet neighbour how to grow a garden. I wanted cold hard facts. Instead, she said, ‘You just try things. If they work – do it … Read more

Do YOU Want a Swing & Spin?

This past week I ran an Instagram Giveaway with Swings & Things. This Kelowna BC company outfitted our yard with a large Swing & Spin last summer and we use … Read more

These Are Good Podcasts

So in my free time (read: the thirty minutes from 11pm to 1130pm that I spend all alone steeping in a hot epsom salt bath) I like to listen to … Read more

File Don’t Pile Your Laundry

I came across this video by Andrea Dekker on how she folds her laundry and puts them in the drawer in FILES rather than PILES! {Yes, I know, I spend too many … Read more