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This week I’m gonna tell you about FIVE BOOKS I’M READING

five books I'm reading simple on purpose

What!? Five Books!! Who is this literary novice with her feats of speed reading while three toddlers run amok?

Funny you should ask. I’m not sure either. In my life these books take me mooooonths to read. It is almost embarrassing how many I have ‘on the go’ in my kindle, it’s way more than five! I can blame it on this season of life with small kids, but let’s not ignore the fact that I’m a starter, not a completer (says the women who owns four domain names).

So here are the five books that are on the top of the pile these days…..Restless by Jennie Allen

  1. Restless by Jennie Allen. This book is for women who are restless and feel like there is something more they are made for in life. It’s about piecing together those unique passions, skills, stories and experiences you have to help you in finding the purpose God has for you. I’m a third of the way through and spend most my time highlighting every other paragraph. Her words are wine for my heart. womancode book by alisa vitti
  2. WomanCode by Alisa Vitt. I heard this lady on the Jess Lively show and was so intrigued. She has studied the menstrual cycle for years and explains how a whole host of symptoms are tied back to our cycle. Where modern diet and exercise are more based on men’s biological cycles, there is a month-long cycle that each woman has. We need to pay attention to our bodies, know our cycle, adjust our eating and lifestyle for each phase of the month and we can heal lots of ailments and ‘girl problems’ we brush off as ‘just what women go through’. One thing I love about this book is the focus on the interactions of hormones in the whole endocrine system, and that is most impacted by what we eat; our blood sugar and insulin levels. One thing I don’t love about this book is the repetition in each chapter. clutterfree with kids by joshua becker
  3. Clutterfree with Kids by Joshua Becker. This book is all about decluttering with kids. It isn’t about taking everything away, it is about having less of the excess. I love the focus on how kids handle life with less toys and I can reflect back on my own upbringing of being resourceful with what we had on hand. I can sure relate to this book since we cut back on all our kids’ toys….even if it feels like all that purging has somehow reversed itself and there are toys under every piece of furniture and on every horizontal surface in my house. for the love by jen hatmaker
  4. For the Love by Jen Hatmaker. I JUST bought this book. It is based on one part ‘I have a friendsy crush on Jen Hatmaker’ and one part her mention of Coach and Tami Taylor in the intro. The book is about embracing grace to live without the measuring stick of society’s standards. It is about being genuinely broken and loving with more freedom because of it. It is about focussing on loving others rather than loving the image we create of ourselves. I’m pretty sure you can expect a sobbing-based blog post on this one cause her words usually wreck me. (Like this book!the enneagram made easy renee baron
  5. The Enneagram Made Easy by Renee Baron. I know this sounds hokey, and I agree the name ‘Enneagram’ should come with a side of unicorn tears and crystal flutes, but I can’t say enough about the Enneagram. There has been no other ‘tool’ that has taught me more about myself. It has been the most impactful tool in pushing me and growing me in my life as mom, wife, woman, sister, friend.   This book is a nice light read, for a more in depth look at it I recommend this book. If you aren’t into reading a book about it, you could check out this post first.

For more book-talk check out these lists of books that have changed my life and books I want to read. What’s on your list?

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  1. I’m reading “For the Love” too – I love all of her books, but I think it’s going to be my favourite! The next book in my pile is “Simply Tuesday” by Emily P. Freeman (another of my favourite authors!) – and the third one down is “Clutterfree With Kids”. Do you like reading fiction? If so I recommend “Lizzy & Jane” by Katherine Reay 🙂

  2. Lots of great recommendations. The Jen Hatmaker book sounds great and since I just heard about Enneagram’s and this book sounds like a great place to start. I’m visiting from Five for Friday.


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