Baby Names: What’s Your Story?

My mom wanted to name me Desiree but Grandma said it was a stripper’s name – so she went with the next best thing and took inspiration from a smutty novel she was reading while pregnant. The parents then thought they should give me my Grandma’s middle name but Dad forgot it was Lena not Lee. Regardless here I am before you, Shawna Lee.

Now there are names that just ring in your ear, you love the sound of them. And then there are names that sit in your heart as they honour your loved ones or reflect something sentimental to you.

When it came to picking names for our first born I had my heart set on three girls names, Delaney (which turned out to mean ‘enemy’s child’, so that was off the list!); Bree (but my husband thought it wasn’t normal to name our kid after cheese, considering my unhealthy adoration of it); and Linnaea (a name we both agreed on).

I first heard the name Linnaea in college when learning all the plants in BC. Linnaea borealis is the Latin name for twinflower. I thought it was a sweet name and delicate and pretty flower.

We didn’t love the spelling so we wrote a list of all the possible ways we could spell it and chose Lenayah. We thought it was more phonetic. More importantly it honours my Dad (Len), my Grandpa (middle name Len), my Grandma (middle name Lena) and her Grandma named Lena. I wanted to add the h on the end as it symbolizes God breathing life into a name

Lenayah’s middle name is Joan after my husband’s Gramma. Lenayah goes by many aliases already; LJ, Lenny, Nayah, Baby Sis, Little Lady, Baby Girl, Nina and her brother calls her bebe.

 As for our son, Conor picked his name Levi. I didn’t like it at first but thought I would let it sit and it grew on me. I loved the meaning, ‘united, as one’. He truly has brought our family closer. His middle names are Robert after my Grandpa and Allan after a good family friend who always made us smile.

‘marking the milestones’

So those are the stories of our kid’s names. I would love to hear yours. Email me, post on the comments, or on the Facebook page! How did you chose the name? What does it mean to you? What do you call them for short?

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