Baby Girl is Ten Months and I’m NOT Pregnant {Air High Five}

We are planning on (eventually) having another (third!??!?) kid. Really I’m waiting for that crimson raging reflex to throat punch my husband if I ever see that plus sign to fade away. We are getting there.

Lenayah is already 10 months and by the time her older bro was this age I was announcing that I was expecting.  I love the idea of getting the baby stage over with and having them close together (here’s the link to that great article on age gaps that I posted on the FB page). It has been a great experience with the 16 month gap between Levi and Lenayah, so I don’t want to wait too long. However, on no fault of her own, having Lenayah has led us down a hard road. My boobs needs a rest, my marriage needs a tune up and I need a sun soaked margarita!

Lenayah is so different from her big bro was at 10 months. She is relentless, discerning, emotive and if I look away I’ll find her under wedged between furniture legs; crawling up onto the fireplace; or high centered on top of the laundry basket. She is constantly teetering on some ledge.  I hope she is braver than me, even it means being confused (a little jealous) and in awe of it.

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