Three Options For When You Suck At Baby Books


Chances are if you had a lot of these in the fridge….

film canisters

Your parents were….

a) saving their pennies to get the film developed, or

b) forgot the film existed, which inevitably means there is no childhood album being regularly and methodically updated.

c) or maybe a bit of both.

Maybe I am just as bad as my mom who would be surprised at the 5 year old pictures she just splurged to get developed. After all she is the chip and I’m the block. Or so my iPhone rudely reminds me with passive aggressive warnings about running out of storage.

I admire people who do Project Life/Scrapbooking/Etc. I can’t even start because it would cripple me. Three months in and I can guarantee you that a shovel would be required to unearth me from ALL OF THE EVERYTHING to make THE BEST SCRAPBOOK EVER! Let’s keep that door shut.

But I have tried to preserve my children’s memories in a few failed attempts……

Like the baby book from my first shower. It’s pages are handwritten with the intimate quiet observations of my Levi’s first…..three months. Of course, this is all backed up with tedious video documentation that is currently crashing my hard drive. I thought seventeen videos of him staring at his hands were both necessary and captivating to all (they aren’t).IMG_9133

Then I became dedicated to a photo-a-day app. I took a picture every day of Levi’s first year, bordered with a sweet and witty caption that I knew he would appreciate sharing with his own grandchildren one day….. But now what? I’m like Zoolander savagely smacking my phone trying to get the pictures out of the app. Maybe they are in the ‘cloud’? or the ‘the waterfall’? But they aren’t in my hands, so that was useless.

Moving on, I was pretty sure I was on to something with the infographic birthday photos. How hard can that be? It is ONCE A YEAR! They are adorable, and probably my favourite form of documentation. Yet, to date there have been six birthdays between the three kids and I’m running at a 17% completion rate. (#firstbornperks)birthday photo, first birthday

I’m clearly a slow learner, but dedicated to the documentation cause….I thought I nailed it with individual books for all three kids. I intended to write in these every few months and fill them tremendously insightful and adorable updates…..I’m not even going to try to explain myself on my lack of dedication to these (because my reason is ‘they are on the high bookshelf and I’m alllll the way over here!’ I was even embarrassed writing that, but it’s the truth).IMG_9132

IMG_9130Okay, so I’ve explained my inability to follow through on things I say I want to do. Someone has some self-awareness to explore on this issue (ahem, self).

I’m not a complete dud in the documentation department….because I can INSTADOCUMENT!

They may not be the Pinworthy efforts I had good Pintentions of doing, but here are three ways I now maintain a documentation of our family’s life, the kid’s stages and all their charming little nuances/inability to go a day without peeing in front of the neighbours.

alternatives to baby photo albums

1. Instagram

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 3.09.47 PM

I mean…..Instagram is my online community. There are some cool companies too that will take your Instagram feed and make it into cute little albums. I think I’ll print a bunch for Christmas for the kids to look through. Then I will put them wayyyy up on the high bookshelf.

2. Personal emails for each of the kids 

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 3.06.14 PM

Apparently there was a commercial for this that made every pregnant woman cry. I was busy crying over Stuart McLean talk about wheat on CBC so I didn’t catch it. I saw Lori mention this on IG and followed suit. I made emails for each of the kids and shared it with family and friends. Then I can send them quick little pictures, videos and notes. I’m sure Lenayah will love the many of late which reference her copious need to verbally confirm the gender differences of everyone she’s ever met, repeatedly.

3. A line a day book


If you love remembering ‘this day last year’, you will love this line a day book. This book I use is for a few sentences each day for 5 years. It is the most simple time capsule into the real tone of our days. These past four years have really been a blur, I know I’m missing on being present in so much that I want to appreciate later. I wish I would have started sooner.

How about you? What is your favourite way to document your family and child’s lives?

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