Another Baby On The Way

I’ve been neglecting to blog lately. Yes it is the Christmas season and we’ve been busy eating, cooking, sleeping, travelling and eating. What’s missing? Egg nog and rum! Yup, I’m preggers again and number 2 is coming in July.  Our kids will be about 16 months apart.
This time around has been much different – more sickness AND I’m a big huge bag of CRAZY! Totally irrational! My husband is super patient with me though and everyone else just smiles nervously and says “Oh, maybe this one is a girl”.
The plan was to tell everyone we were pregnant again at Christmas, like this…..

…and we did end up sharing this picture to tell some close friends and family.  However, we were letting it slip here and there –  I had to explain my ‘flu’ and/or ‘lack of rational self control’ or it just felt right.
We did get a chance to tell my Mother in Law in her birthday card though. At the bottom of the card my husband wrote “Love Conor, Shawna, Levi and your future granddaughter (Yup, we think it’s a girl. Due July 10)”  She was screaming like she won the lottery – it was very cool.
It is different to share this news the second time around.  I personally felt less pressure to keep the news private until I was past 12 weeks. I am also showing sooner which makes people wonder. And it isn’t a game changer like the first one changes your whole lifestyle – not to underestimate the impact of becoming a family of four!
Excited? Yes! Terrified? Darn Right! Having a new child to love and a sibling for our son? Bring it!

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