Agenda for Gluttony {Weaning the Gluten and Dairy Sensitive Princess}

After eight months of eating gluten and dairy free so I could breastfeed my baby girl with food sensitivities I got the go ahead from the doc to wean her onto an enriched dairy-free milk substitute (I’m using enriched rice milk to which I add colostrum, vitamin D and fluoride drops).  I

The long wait is over. Tomorrow night (her first birthday!) I will nurse her to sleep for the last time and on Friday my husband and I get a a night away for our anniversary (thanks for the babysitting swap S&C!). I might selfishly twist this romantic getaway into a culinary love affair.  My agenda includes antipasto platters and garlic toast. Followed by cheese cake and a plate of nachos in my stretchiest PJs as the Food Network lulls me to sleep. My husband will gently dab cheese off my chin and wipe nachos out of the hotel bed, smiling thankfully for the past five years of marriage we are celebrating. We’ll sleep in til 730am and meet up some french toast and brie for a rendezvous.  
Suppose I’ll have to change the tagline of my blog….any suggestions?

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